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The MODAD Threat Management Solution

The MODAD Threat Management Solution (The MTMS) is a comprehensive training program with an experienced approach to personnel protection and its training; focusing on creating an adaptable mindset through a stair step process to skill and tactics development. Our philosophy is to not just simply throw skills and tactics at you, but highlight the importance of mastering the knowledge behind the craft.  This helps to develop the wisdom of an elite protection specialist who has evolved in their comprehensive abilities to become more than skills based, but possess instinctive reflexes that can adapt to any protective culture or mission type.

The leadership of The MTMS has over 19 years of experience in the private sector combining field experience, training, operational management and business management. This unique experience has put the leadership in the offices of high net worth indidviduals as well as the worlds most recognized companies.  This does not just mean protection, but in planning and building engagements as well as managing comprehensive service packages that include more than just physical protection. Having this uncommon experience in operations and business allows The MTMS team to provide an absolute unique perspective of the craft.

While respectable, many other courses have a limited perspective of principals, clients and protective cultures; equally important though is how the previously mentioned purchase the product.  So much emphasis has been placed on the attractive or “cool” things of protection but it is a rare ability to operate in this business on the level that The MTMS leadership team has.  This benefits the student by providing that last yet equally important part of the mindset, appreciating client psychology, how the service is typically purchased and how one can market it internally to superiors or to potential buyers as a vendor of protection services.