Defensive Firearms for the Protection Professional

This course will first teach and measure against the Paul Howe CSAT standard.  This will be the foundation of the course with intermediate and then advanced concealed pistol techniques being built upon it.  The morning of the first day will focus on the “CSAT Standard” then that afternoon the instructors will provide intermediate instruction on marksmanship and gun-fighting skills applied to close in/personnel protection.  The second day will be dedicated to specific advanced skills and tactics that can be employed under the guise of a protective detail.  These skills and tactics will stem from an executive protection platform, meaning that all drills will be based on a 1-4 specialist element.  The environment and scenarios will be based on those that would apply to one who is providing protection on a typical executive protection platform or possibly an executive for high risk personnel platform.  While some skills and tactics may apply to HTP, this is not a High Threat Protection Platform course session.


*Participants are expected to possess a basic knowledge of protective formations and how one participates as part of a protective element.


Course cost: $750, includes 3 nights of lodging and basic range materials

Course Length: Two days

Round Count: 450 (not included in price)


Areas covered


  • Safety
  • Tactical marksmanship
  • Protection based gun-fighting
  • Target scan and ID
  • Commitment to threat with a firearm
  • Gunfighter daily work out


Student requirements


  • Duty weapon and support, hip mounted holster with 2-3 Magazine (program is revolver friendly, no cross draw or shoulder mounted rigs)
  • Suit jacket or photo vest for concealed carry drills, some drills may include presentation from beneath un-tucked shirt.
  • Eye / ear protection, cap with brim
  • Appropriate weapon maintenance gear