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Close in / personnel protection incorporates the various missions we find ourselves in when providing close proximity protection to an individual, as well  the integrity and crisis management support to a group.

Below are the tactical platforms that apply to this type of high level of protection services delivery.

CIPP – Executive Protection (Proprietary Team)

CIPP – Executive Protection (Proprietary Teams):  This course is geared toward those specialists that are dedicated to corporate or high net worth individual (HNW) protective details.  Typical attendees are part of an organization’s security department or risk management effort.  Our emphasis is on “Mindset is Key”, a specialist that truly embraces the appropriate mindset now …

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CIPP – Executive Protection (Independent Contractors)

CIPP – Executive Protection (Independent Contractors):  This course is geared toward those specialists that hire themselves out to the entire list of individuals as well as organizations that require protection services.  Typical attendees either work for him or herself and or works with protection service providers.  Our emphasis is on “Mindset is Key”, a specialist …

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CIPP – Executive Protection for High Risk Personnel

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CIPP – Official Protection Level 1

CIPP – Official Protection Lvl 1.  This training progression is for the protection officer operating in support of government or municipal protection operations.  This “next tier” program is offered to those that have completed CIPP OP Lvl 2, and can be delivered in two schemes. One, is a stand alone 3-4 day session, or a collaborative …

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CIPP – Official Protection Level 2

CIPP – Official Protection orientation. We begin by discussing the concepts of protection and the requirements, duties and responsibilities of the protection officer. Attendees are then explained the answer to the question “What is Official Protection?” This period of instruction will specifically discuss the mindset and protective conduct expected of the sworn officer.  This initial …

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CIPP – Official Protection / High Threat

CIPP – Official Protection / High Threat is a week long session directed at specialized units that will be tasked with supporting a close protection shift.  This is not a course simply discussing and practicing close quarters battle, breaching and counter ambush.  This course very specifically applies special weapons and tactics (SWAT) to the protection mission. …

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