CIPP – Official Protection / High Threat

CIPP – Official Protection / High Threat is a week long session directed at specialized units that will be tasked with supporting a close protection shift.  This is not a course simply discussing and practicing close quarters battle, breaching and counter ambush.  This course very specifically applies special weapons and tactics (SWAT) to the protection mission.  The primary function of a counter assault element is to divert, suppress and neutralize, not simply to jump out and engage.  Sometimes this effort is applied during conveyance of the principal and sometimes it is when the principal is stationary during open or closed air situations.  Being proactive under this application is just as important as in the close protection.  The assessments, planning and element cohesiveness are stressed just as much as the immediate action tactics in this session. This block will also include the tactics, techniques and procedures of a counter sniper element and counter surveillance element and how all of these tactical support columns support the protection element, “the shift.”