CIPP – Official Protection Level 1

CIPP – Official Protection Lvl 1.  This training progression is for the protection officer operating in support of government or municipal protection operations.  This “next tier” program is offered to those that have completed CIPP OP Lvl 2, and can be delivered in two schemes. One, is a stand alone 3-4 day session, or a collaborative 4-5 day scheme incorporating a departments Special Weapons And Tactics team.  The participating SWAT element  may be trained on The MTMS CIPP OP High Threat program but it is not a requirement.


This second module is designed to provide the attendees with advanced tools and tactics as well as a refresh of the Level 2 subjects.  The program contains the following;

  • Refresh (mindset, protective detail operations, working the principal and transportation security)
  • Lead Protective Advance Officer
  • Evacuation and Recovery Team (Hardening of a space and/or structure and “plain penetration” in support of asset recovery)
  • Advanced immediate action scenarios


The level 1 module also provides the attendees with discussions on the coordination of tactical support elements that can be added to supplement the primary “shift” and its efforts, Tactical Support and Special Skills (Full).

  • CAT – Counter Assault Team
  • CS – Counter Sniper
  • CSU – Counter Surveillance Unit