CIPP – Executive Protection (Proprietary Team)

CIPP – Executive Protection (Proprietary Teams):  This course is geared toward those specialists that are dedicated to corporate or high net worth individual (HNW) protective details.  Typical attendees are part of an organization’s security department or risk management effort.  Our emphasis is on “Mindset is Key”, a specialist that truly embraces the appropriate mindset now possesses the rubric to solve and mitigate all problems, risks and threats proactively as well as real time.  This course contains the core subjects we feel are critical to any protection specialist.  We specifically emphasize how this mission fits into a larger dynamic and the unique tools and considerations a specialist should have in this type of environment.  In addition The MTMS shares its twenty plus years of experience with a multitude of corporate and HNW clients on how to “round the edges” of our service to better fit and support an organization’s goal.  Attendees are explained the answer to the question “What is Executive Protection?”.  This period of instruction will specifically discuss the sacred mindset and protective conduct expected of the specialist in a particular environment.  Here the individual tools and formulas are placed into the specialists tool box for immediate and future logical development.  This period of instruction has been referred to as the why before the how.

What is Executive Protection?

  • Job description of the EP specialist
  • Executive protection philosophy
  • Protection terminology
  • Protection platforms and mission applications
  • The MTMS “Sacred Mindset”

Assessment of the Threat and Protective Intelligence 

  • Assessment of the principal’s protective culture
  • Threat and vulnerability assessments
  • The protective operation plan
  • Reason, method, motivation of attackers

Protective Advance Work

  • Protective advances
  • Site specialist
  • Route planning
  • Reports / presentations

Protective Detail Operations 

  • Principles of protection
  • Formations / Walking the principal
  • Mercury system – responsibilities of 1 to as many as 6 on a shift
  • Immediate action plans
  • Assault on Principal drills (AOP)
  • Designing and establishing the protective sphere
  • Choreography
  • Communications
  • Principal briefing

Tactical Support and Special Skills

  • Route Surveys
  • Motorcade protocols
  • Designing and managing the “secure  package” and the motorcade
  • Crisis management pathways
  • Special event protection process
  • Target surveillance procedures
  • Various surveillance platforms
  • Countermeasures and concepts in combating surveillance
  • Surveillance vulnerabilities and evaluation table
  • Preparations and considerations for force reductions and violence in the workplace

Performance Evaluation

  • Protective Advance Exercises
  • Protective Formations Exercise
  • Attack on Principal (AOP) Exercises
  • Immediate Action Drills (IAD’s) 
  • Field Training Exercise (FTX) 
  • Hot Wash of FTX and Course review