Surveillance Detection for the Protection Professional

Surveillance detection is a critical active skill that the protection Specialist must possess.  It prevents specialists from becoming a soft target by leveraging the vulnerability of a potential attacker by identifying one of the aspects of the “Ambush Building Blocks”, which are the typical steps taken when planning and assault on personnel or assets.  There are usually at least two to four points in the attackers planning that they are most vulnerable and they are all associated with the surveillance of a target.


Surveillance detection is a countermeasure that can be useful in many aspects of the protection mission.  Surveillance detection, in its traditional context, supports what is usually clandestine operations.  This course will not concentrate on traditional support to clandestine missions but will present additional uses that are tailored to personnel protection purposes.


Although terrorists, criminals and those collecting intelligence use different tactics, all have been known to use surveillance.  The skill levels of these groups vary, but the good news is that well planned, well executed, surveillance detection will spot even the most highly trained surveillance team.


This course is designed for the Executive Protection specialist operating in global corporate environments dealing with accepted, median and complicated threats.


(Coming soon to the DC area)